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What Will You Do?

In recent years, many parts of Arizona have experienced record wildfires, while some parts of our state are vulnerable to flooding.

During times of disaster, emergency evacuation may be necessary. Many people may need to shelter their animals. ADS exists to serve that need. Working under the direction of Yavapai County Management Services, ADS has sheltered animals during the Indian Fire in 2002, the Rims Mesa Fire in 2006, and numerous other incidents of evacuation. ADS volunteers are on call 24/7 in the event of an actual or potential evacuation.

Everyone should be prepared for an emergency evacuation in which you may have to leave your home with little or no time to gather the items you will need.

Prepare a family disaster plan that includes your animals. Have evacuation kits ready for your family and your animals. This website provides a list of things you will need.

Put your evacuation kits in the family room or living room (not in the kitchen or garage where fires can easily start and where hazardous chemicals may be stored.

Make sure everyone in your family knows where the emergency evacuation kits are kept and can reach them quickly and easily.

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