Animal Evacaution Kit

 FOOD: One week's supply for your pets, two week supply for birds. Pop-top cans and airtight containers are best. Rotate your emergency supply to keep it fresh.

WATER: One week's supply. Rotate for freshness.

FOOD, WATER DISHES: Two sets (one to use while cleaning the other).

IDENTIFICATION:  Collar or harness and tags, your name and contact information, extra tags for your temporary contact information and name and contact information of someone out of area who can reach you; your pet's picture  (with you in it if possible): on back of picture, describe and distinguishing marks or characteristics that may not appear in the picture.

CONTAINMENT: Carrier, crate or cage big enough for your animal's comfort and for food and water dishes, litter box for cat.
Dogs: include a stake and chain.
Birds: include a net and set of pliers to repair cage if needed.
Fish can be placed in an ice chest or bowl with lid.
Reptiles can be placed in a secure box with air holes.

SANITATION: Scoop/disposible waste bags for dogs, small litter box and litter for cats, fresh substrate for rabbits, rodents, reptiles; disinfectant, paper towels and roll of plastic garbage bags; supply of dish soap to clean dishes.

MISCELLANEOUS: Favorite toys, bedding, etc,

First aid book
Conforming bandages (3x5")
Absorbent gauze pads (4x4)
Ace wrap
Cotton tips
Antiseptic wipes
Emollient cream (Neosporin, Vaseline)
Scissors Instant cold pack
Heavy duty disposable gloves (several pair)
Kwik Stop (to stop bleeding)
Veterinary and immunization record
One week supply of medication

Don't Leave Home Without Them!!