Equine Evacuation Kit

TRASH BARREL: Wheeled with lid to hold the following:

Water bucket(s)
Hay net
Leather halter/lead rope: Breakaway halter w/clip on.
Medications and first aid items
Flashlight, scissors, wire cutters, knife
Sheets/Blankets: Cotton, no synthetics
Brush and hoof pick
Radio (with extra batteries)

Equine Emergency Fire Plan
Maintain a "fire cache" of tools:
Ladder: Long enough to reach barn in case of roof fire
Garden hose: Pre-connected and long enough to reach around structures with spray nozzle
Shovel to clear vegetation
Water buckets
Radio: Battery-powered to monitor news reports and emergency broadcasts
Adequate transportation for large animals

Reduce Fire Hazards
No Smoking signs in barn and other areas.
Store flammable chemicals in approved safety containers away from occupied structures.
Keep all combustible material (hay, shavings, wood, etc.) in one area; clean up spills.
Rake perimeters; clear weeds from equipment storage areas.
Create a wide fire break around all structures.
Clear roof structures and gutters.
Water hoses of adequate length, connected at strategic locations available at all times.

Remain calm and alert; pay attention to conditions and fire behavior; identify two escape routes from your property and point vehicles in the direction of the first escape route; maintain constant contact with your helpers; listen and cooperate with Fire and Law Enforcement Officers.

Don't Leave Home Without Them!!