Evacuation Preparedness

Evacuation Preparedness
Prior to the "FIVE MINUTE" notice, have the following ready:

Copies of Important Papers

Documents such as:

Deed, Wills, Trusts, Passports, Contracts, Photos of home/out building contents, Medical Records, Insurance policies

Health and Medical

Prescription containers with:
A three-day supply of medication (replace when refilling Rx)
An extra pair of prescription glasses
Any other health items required

Food, medications, water, litter, ID tag(s), leashes and carrying case/crate.

Clothing and personal items
Clothing, shoes, toiletries sufficient for three days.

Valuables and mementos
Photos, other irreplacable items, jewelry, etc. in the car.

Place vehicles in the garage, pointing out, windows rolled up.

Home address should be large and visable from the street.

Be sure garden hoses are attached at all exterior faucets, and attach a nozzle set on "spray".

Make sure family members are aware of the prearranged meeting place.

Practice evacuation - go to bed, get up and dress, collect all listed items.

Evacuate within five minutes. Place a white object on your front door so that authorities know you've evacuated. 

The Buddy System
The Buddy Sysem is a very important part of your evacuation planning. Consider that you may not be at home when an evacuation happens. What will happen to your beloved pets? Who will rescue them? Animal Disaster Services can care for them, but we cannot evacuate them.
Get a neighbor or friend (close by) and become familiar with each other's pets. Exchange keys to your home or advise where to find a hidden key. Learn where their pet's emergency kit and leashes or carriers are kept, and most important, find the places where their frightened pets like to hide, so you will know where to find them in an emergency. Agree to call each other when an evacuation has been ordered. If no one answers, you will evacuate their pets and they will do the same for you.

Having someone cover for you will ease your panic if you can't get there.


Don't Leave Home Without Them!!