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Happy Story

 This cute face came to our shelter during the Yarnell Hill Fire. His owner was under Hospice Care and refused to evacuate without his dog!  What a wonderful pet owner that he didn’t  want to leave without his beloved companion. But as we all know, the Yarnell Hill fire was not something to take lightly, so the owner was force evacuated. But don’t panic, this is a happy story! Hospice brought the dog to the ADS shelter. After many days of gentle, tender, loving care from our volunteers, we are happy to report that both owner and his loving dog still had a home to return to.
Animal Disaster Services thanks those who help us help evacuees!


 Life-Saving Devices for Pets Donated to Mayer Fire Department
MAYER,  Arizona, September 25, 2017 – Animal Disaster Services, the non-profit organization that sheltered and cared for hundreds of dogs, cats, horses and other cherished pets during the recent Goodwin Fire, donated three life-saving FIDO Bags to the Mayer Fire Department. Residents of Mayer  and surrounding areas were forced to evacuate when threatened by the fire.
The FIDO Bags contain specialized cone-shaped oxygen masks designed to fit a pet’s muzzle because human oxygen masks are too small and flat to fit most dogs or cats. Many pets also receive burns or injuries during a fire or accident, and the FIDO Bags contain specialized burn sheets, bandages and protective restraints to aid the first responders when caring for an injured pet.
The FIDO Bags cost  $175 each. The Fetch Foundation, a Scottsdale-based non-profit organization that supplies FIDO Bags, gave one of the three bags to Animal Disaster Services at no cost after learning about the planned donation to the Mayer Fire Department.
Animal Disaster Services is a Prescott-based organization staffed entirely by volunteers. It works  under the direction of the Yavapai County Emergency Management Services and is the only organization of its type in Arizona. When a disaster requires the evacuation of a community in Yavapai County, Animal Disaster Services is alerted and deployed along with other emergency responders.
To find out more about Animal Disaster Services or to learn about volunteer opportunities, go to www.animaldisasterservices.com or contact Becky Salazar at beckysalazar@cableone.net.
Becky Salazar
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