Volunteers Needed

Animal Disaster Services is always looking for dedicated volunteers. We are a group of community volunteers working under the authority of Yavapai  County Office of Emergency Management and cover Yavapai County only. When an evacuation is called, ADS sets up and maintains a shelter for the pets of the evacuees 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the duration of the evacuation. There is no cost to the pet owners. Large animals (horses, goats, burros, etc.) could be a part of the evacuation, we may have 2 separate sites to be covered.

Volunteer duties include: training, meeting attendance, help with the shelter set up and tear down, cage cleaning (cats, dogs, birds, etc.), stall cleaning (horses, etc.), dog walking, calming the animals, feeding, intake and maintenance paperwork, shelter cleaning, dish washing, overnight duty shifts, playtime for animals, and any other needs as they occur.

We hold meetings monthly for training and updates. We also participate in community events to educate the public about being prepared to evacuate with their pets in mind.

If you are interested in becoming an Animal Disaster Services volunteer, please contact Becky Salazar at (928) 445-3347 or (928) 925-7990 or via email at beckysalazar@cableone.net